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Protect the Protectors - Officer Assaults Campaign

Protecting our members against assaults and campaigning for the courts to impose harsher and more consistent sentences to those convicted of assaulting police officers are national priorities.

We are campaigning for:

  • a change in legislation
  • tougher sentences
  • better training and access to equipment
  • more accurate data on police assaults
  • improved welfare support.

Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly, physical and verbal assaults on police officers are commonplace.  Incidents are often under-reported and historically it has been difficult to determine the scale of the issue and national picture.  Previously it’s been estimated that more than 23,000 officers are assaulted every year, but now estimations based on our latest welfare survey data suggest that there were potentially more than 2 million (2,113,602) unarmed physical assaults on officers over 12 months, and a further 302,842 assaults using a deadly weapon during the same period.

New legislation effective 13th November 2018

20/07/2017: Bill to 'Protect the Protectors' goes before MPs

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